"As you start to walk out on your way, the way appears." -Rumi

From as far back as I can remember, I have been a truth seeker. As a child, following our nightly meditation, I would wake up and join my mama outside on the back porch for hot tea and early morning sunshine. We would immediately indulge in philosophical conversations about all things existential. Life, death, the universe and our purpose. Of course this was after she read my horoscope and asked me, “how were your dreams?”. We lived simply— a modest home, used cars and hand me down clothing. My parents never really cared for societal norms. In fact, they have spent their entire lives rebelling against them and creating their own norm. We were taught that education and new experiences within nature were always more important than things because "you cannot take things with you...". So, my brother and I were sent to good schools and were able to travel and explore the country, sleeping in tents in national parks and exploring the most uninhabited locations. Modern hippies. 

I also had art. I was born needing to create. My mama noticed this at a very early age and fostered it, as she was an artist herself. We would draw/paint portraits of each other outside, under blue skies and take everyday objects like our living room lamps and splatter them with paint. I did not know it at the time, but I was meditating while I was creating. Art is my meditation. It is a place I can go to at any moment and feel peace. I enjoyed the practice so much I earned a BFA degree in art and design.

When I found yoga, it was very much like art. Another training of the mind. My spiritual practice started deepening much more in 2008 when I launched my first business, Little Korboose, and my career in art and creative direction began taking off full steam. I was overworked, my body was in pain and I was in need of more balance so I could continue creating, which is the love of my life. I altered my, what I already considered, conscious eating habits and cut out sugar and gluten, which was life changing. Additionally, I knew I needed more support and time in mediation to reach the balanced state necessary for sustainability. Yoga provided that. I then obtained my yoga teaching certification to deepen my own practice and be able share with others. 

Indirectly or directly, the life long journey to find my truth and live a meaningful life was cultivated in me from the very beginning ...and it will never end. I am a student of life, constantly seeking growth, change and understanding. I am curious and love to experience new things all in the name of truth and honoring myself, which is not always easy.

While your own personal truth can only be found inside, there are powerful vehicles in which to explore. During our time together, I will guide you through a vinyasa flow in combination with art, creating space to tune in and listen to your inner knowing. We will explore nature and adventure around the land as well. If you are open to following your flow, you will meet sides of yourself you didn’t know existed and affect the world in ways you never knew possible. Experience the journey...

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